Double Tap

Our identity is closely related to our social media. We meet many people through social media first and create a first impression based on their posts, comments, and numbers of likes. For example, on Instagram, we have the tendency to think this person must be popular and likable based on the number of followers or likes she has.

Fall, 2017​
Book Design

Truth is, the audience is blinded by the perfection of the pictures. No one can tell you the secret backstories of these seemingly perfection posts. And we have the urge to post these perfect pictures because we are easily satisfied with the number of likes we get or the comments we receive. The number of likes are getting hold of our identity. We can alter anything to make the picture look nice. 

The main purpose of this project is to compare the author and the audience's viewpoints, peel away the superficial filter on Instagram posts. Finally, trigger a question in the audiences' minds. What is your identity outside of social media? Are we becoming the generation which we need to use it to fulfill our sense of identity?