617 Nightmarket

This is the second year for me as the graphic design chair to design for Boston University Taiwanese American Student Association's annual Taiwanese night market. Inspired by Boston's area code, I decided to rebrand the event into the"617 Night Market". Other than the poster shown above, I also designed a Facebook cover photo with alternate profile pictures for executive members to change to advertise for the event. The cover photo is mysteriously brief yet eye-catching with the neon lights. In addition, with social media trending, I felt that it was necessary to emphasize the hashtag in the profile pictures. 

Spring, 2018
Poster design

Neon lights are a significant symbol of traditional Taiwanese storefronts. By constructing the poster with neon elements, it brings out the lively and vibrant energy of Taiwanese people. In addition, the poster features a large pineapple, which references the famous Taiwanese delicacy, pineapple cake. Surrounding it are other famous delicacies that are served during the event.